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The Suicide Squad (自殺突擊隊:集結)

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The Suicide Squad (hmv Exclusive) Limited Edition 4K Ultra HD Steelbook

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英版 華納購物商城獨家
Exclusive To WB Shop The Suicide Squad Limited Edition (4K Ultra HD Steelbook)

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英版暫定2021/11/08發行 4K UHD/BD
Special Features:
The Suicide Squad 4K UHD contains the following special features:

[*]Commentary by Director/Writer James Gunn
[*]Harley’s Great Escape

The Suicide Squad Blu-ray contains the following special features:

[*]Deleted & Extended Scenes
[*]Gag Reel
[*]Gotta Love the Squad-Explore everything from The Suicide Squad’s comic book origins that influenced their look, weapons, and in some cases, their final demise.
[*]The Way of the Gunn-Get an inside look at what makes The Suicide Squad a James Gunn film.
[*]It’s a Suicide Mission (Scene Breakdown)-Go behind the scenes of The Squad’s doomed beach invasion.
[*]My Gun’s Bigger Than Yours (Scene Breakdown)-John Cena and Idris Elba breakdown Bloodsport and Peacemaker’s kill-count competition.
[*]Harley’s Great Escape (Scene Breakdown)-Step on set to see how this intricate, physically spectacular sequence was brought to life as Margot Robbie shows off her action hero skills.
[*]The Fall of Jotunheim (Scene Breakdown)-Discover how production captured the epic destruction for real.
[*]Starro: It’s a Freakin’ Kaiju!-The creation of the mega starfish creature.
[*]Bringing King Shark to Life-Find out how James Gunn, Steve Agee, Sylvester Stallone and the visual effects team brought King Shark to life.
[*]War Movie Retro Trailer-A military reimagining of The Suicide Squad.
[*]Horror Movie Retro Trailer-A horrific reimagining of The Suicide Squad.
[*]Buddy-Cop Retro Trailer-A mismatched sidekick reimagining of The Suicide Squad.
[*]Commentary by Director/Writer James Gunn

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美版The Suicide Squad

4K UHD支援Dolby Vision、HDR 10+

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- Deleted & Extended Scenes (17:26)
- Gag Reel (10:22)
- Gotta Love the Squad (11:35)
- The Way of the Gunn (07:49)
- It’s a Suicide Mission (06:35)
- My Gun's Bigger Than Yours (05:42)
- Harley's Great Escape (07:14)
- The Fall of Jotunheim (05:36)
- Starro:It's a Freakin' Kaiju! (06:15)
- Bringing King Shark to Life (05:38)
- War Movie Retro Trailer (03:23)
- Horror Movie Retro Trailer (01:20)
- Buddy-Cop Retro Trailer (01:14)
- Commentary by Director/Writer James Gunn



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港版 The Suicide Squad Lenticular Digibook

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【Amazon.co.jp限定】ザ・スーサイド・スクワッド “極"悪党、集結 スチールブック仕様 (4K ULTRA HD&ブルーレイセット) (2,100セット限定/2枚組/キャラクターカード全10種セット付)

(初回仕様) ザ・スーサイド・スクワッド “極"悪党、集結 (4K ULTRA HD&ブルーレイセット) (2枚組/キャラクターカード全10種セット付)

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台版 發行日期:2021/11/05
自殺突擊隊: 集結 UHD+BD 雙碟限定鐵盒版

自殺突擊隊: 集結 UHD+BD 雙碟限定版

自殺突擊隊: 集結 (藍光BD)

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