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Citizen Kane(大國民)

問世80周年紀念,據傳有可能會有4K UHD/BD雙碟版,並有中文字幕,但還尚未有明確的發售日期。

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CC首次發行4K UHD,碟片規格支援Dolby Vision,Dolby Atmos,2021/11發行
Citizen Kane to Lead Criterion’s First 4K Slate

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Special Features and Technical Specs:
[*]Three audio commentaries: from 2021 featuring Orson Welles scholars James Naremore and Jonathan Rosenbaum; from 2002 featuring filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich; and from 2002 featuring film critic Roger Ebert
[*]The Complete "Citizen Kane," (1991), a rarely seen feature-length BBC documentary
[*]New interviews with critic Farran Smith Nehme and film scholar Racquel J. Gates
[*]New video essay by Orson Welles scholar Robert Carringer
[*]New program on the film's special effects by film scholars and effects experts Craig Barron and Ben Burtt
[*]Interviews from 1990 with editor Robert Wise; actor Ruth Warrick; optical-effects designer Linwood Dunn; Bogdanovich; filmmakers Martin Scorsese, Henry Jaglom, Martin Ritt, and Frank Marshall; and cinematographers Allen Daviau, Gary Graver, and Vilmos Zsigmond
[*]New documentary featuring archival interviews with Welles
[*]Interviews with actor Joseph Cotten from 1966 and 1975
[*]The Hearts of Age, a brief silent film made by Welles as a student in 1934
[*]Television programs from 1979 and 1988 featuring appearances by Welles and Mercury Theatre producer John Houseman
[*]Program featuring a 1996 interview with actor William Alland on his collaborations with Welles
[*]Selection of The Mercury Theatre on the Air radio plays featuring many of the actors from Citizen Kane
[*]English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
[*]PLUS: Deluxe packaging, including a book with an essay by film critic Bilge Ebiri

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德版(SDS華納、環球)Citizen Kane (4K Ultra HD) 2D)2021/12/23發售

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英版 華納 大國民Citizen Kane: 80th Anniversary Collector’s Edition (4K Ultra HD) (1941)
4k Ultra HD Collector’s Edition Includes:
•Feature Film on 4k and Blu-ray
•48-Page Book
•20-Page Souvenir Programme
•Reprint of Press Release Excerpts
•Two-Sided Poster
•5 Collectable Art Cards
•3 Photo Stills

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台版會出單碟4K UHD,大國民 UHD 單碟版2021/12月

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英版 華納 大國民Citizen Kane: 80th Anniversary Collector’s Edition (4K Ultra HD) (1941)
4k Ultra...

英版 大國民 4K UHD Citizen Kane: 4K Ultra HD 80th Anniversary Collector’s Edition
4K UHD有中文字幕

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韓版 大國民 4K UHD
- Commentaries: Commentary by Peter Bogdanovich
- Commentaries: Commentary by Roger Ebert
- Interviews: Ruth Warrick (05:43)
- Interviews: Robert Wise (03:07)
- The Production: Storyboards (03:26)
- The Production: Call Sheets (00:53)
- The Production: Still Photography with Commentary by Roger Ebert (10:58)
- Post Production: Deleted Scenes (01:17)
- Post Production: Ad Campaign (01:41)
- Post Production: Press Book (00:53)
- Post Production: Opening Night (01:41)
- Post Production: Opening: World Premiere of Citizen Kane (00:59)
- Post Production: Theatrical Trailer (03:49)

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台版會出單碟4K UHD,大國民 UHD 單碟版2021/12月

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