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調光大師 Kevin Shaw 精研總部來訪

調光大師 Kevin Shaw 精研總部來訪
About Kevin Shaw C.S.I.http://www.finalcolor.com/about-kevin-shaw/

2/16(六)Taipei Colorist/ Film Industry Mixer 台北影視產業交流之夜,與Kevin Shaw大師面對面談論2019年當前的ACES和HDR

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後天2/16(六)Taipei Colorist/ Film Industry Mixer 台北影視產業交流之夜
Come and network with the ICA and learn about what's happening in 2019 in color grading, HDR, HLG, 8K, delivery methods and data storage.
We’re giving away prizes from Black Magic Design (5x Resolve Studio Licenses), FXPHD Training, Bluetooth headphones, Intel AKiTiO Thunderbolt and more!

當中摸彩活動將送出5個剪輯調色軟體 Davinci Resolve Studio Licences、藍芽耳機、FXPHD Training Licences, Intel AKiTiO Thunderbolt… 還有其它獎品等您來拿!名額有限!購票從速!

Only 60 tickets on sale.

6:00-6:30pm活動開場, 餐點時間&聯繫交流
    6:30-7:00pm Kevin Shaw 談論2019年當前的ACES和HDR
    7:00-7:30pm 問與答時間
    7:30-8:00pm 聯繫交流&展示相關產業最新產品
    8:00-8:30pm 與DV-Asia 交流時間
    9:00- 9:30pm 抽獎
9:30pm- 11:00pm 聯繫交流、散場
210 NTD / Person - Comes with a welcome drink.
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