chuanyew79 發表於 2017-11-13 14:19:15

Oppo 203 + FIBRR Ultra Pro

你好,本人来之马来西亚。请多包涵如果中文写得不太好。如果迎许的话,怨我用英文写。目前的system equipment:1. Sony Z9D
2. Oppo 203
3. Onkyo 656
4. FIBBR Ultra Pro HDMI

目前刚购买FIBBR Ultra Pro HDMI 然后从 Oppo Video output direct to Sony Z9D and Oppo Audio output to Onkyo AVR. Reason for separating the video and audio output instead of 1 HDMI cable to Onkyo AVR so I can fully enjoy DV from oppo and Sony TV (patch for DV will release soon).

The problem is once i used the FIBBR HDMI cable watching movies from my NAS (Network Attached Storage - 网络附加存储)the visual keeps on flickering (闪烁). This was never happened before prior to my old HDMI cable. I have not tried to play 4K UHD from Oppo and will try if the results the same.

Anyone know what is the issue here?

fakerism 發表於 2017-12-2 01:11:47

Have you ever try to use only one hdmi cable from OPPO to AVR ? and the AVR do the video and audio means that do not use dual hdmi ouput from OPPO
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