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Dirac HD Sound

emotiva xmc-1

be able to purchase the XMC-1 for $1,499. Please refer to our Processor Upgrade FAQ page for more information.
Beyond All Expectations
Introducing the AV preamp that redefines everything you know about home theater—on every level. With custom Dirac Live™ 7.2, Ultra HD 3GHz HDMI, and a balanced audiophile-grade signal path, this made-in-the USA masterpiece goes head-to-head with AV preamps costing 10X as much.
The World’s Most Powerful Room Correction
With a custom version of Dirac Live™ 7.2 room correction included, the XMC-1 brings you the world’s most powerful time and frequency-domain room correction system. Dirac Live™, with capabilities far beyond consumer-grade room correction, takes you dramatically closer to the action of today’s blockbuster HD movies and music.
Ready for Ultra High Definition Audio—and Video
3600 MIPS of processing power and audiophile-grade DACs mean the XMC-1 is ready to decode every high-res surround format with full resolution and quality. And, with eight HDMI 3GHz inputs and dual HDMI outputs, it’s also ready for Ultra HD 4K video resolution and 3-D sources.
Powerful Control for Precision Tuning
Use the built-in 11-channel parametric EQ, stereo bass management, independent crossover settings and slopes, Fletcher-Munson loudness control, dynamic range controls, and bass and treble controls with selectable turnover points to manually tune your system precisely to your exact requirements.
Ultimate Flexibility and Convenience
Forget planned obsolescence. The XMC-1 is completely modular and upgradable to meet future standards. All main system components can be upgraded as needed, while our custom Linux software assures expandability for years to come.
Made in the USA
The XMC-1 is the first product made in our all-new Nashville, Tennessee Production Center, which allows us exceptional control over every facet of the design and production process for ultimate quality.
有英文好的可以解說一下"Dirac Live™ 7.2 room correction 的用途跟效能嗎?

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